Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

MAJOLICA: 1 - The order of filing.

ca: MAJÒLICA: 1 - Fitxer de dades

es: MAYÓLICA: 1 – Fichero de datos

As the Majolica method is so extensive, it is split into sections which are filed so that different items on the same subject are grouped together. Below is a short synopsis of them, presented in the same order as they appear in the dictionary. The sections on a subject are linked in the order of working.

There are two files on the history of the Majolica Method Majolica: 2a – History / Majolica: 2b – History in Spain

Majolica: 3 – Decorating Is an introduction to Majolica painting and shows the stages of working with a design of nine tiles in blue.

The different ways of using the Majolica Method are explained in seven sections; the first is Majolica: 4a – Layout of one tile designs and the last Majolica: 4g – Relief in four different thicknesses.

Majolica decorating is in four groups, tiles, plates, jars and lids. This is the first file on this subject Majolica: 5a – Preparing to paint and applies to all four groups. At the end of this is a link to the first section of each one.

After lids you will find subjects connected with the Majolica Method of painting; paint brushes, colors, colors preparing, colors how to use, colors for outlines, colors using, colors painting with one color, colors painting with colors,