Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

BORDERS (9) Framing pictures with one tile designs. (CONSTRUCTION)

ca: SANEFES (9) Emmarcar quadres amb dissenys d'una rajola. (EN CONSTRUCCIÓ)

es: CENEFERS (9) Enmarcar cuadros con diseños de una azulejo. (IN CONSTRUCTION)

Borders: If you want to buy borders to go with your choice of one tiles designs, it is very important, before making an order to work out how they are going to be laid out, because the same amount of one tile designs which are laid out differently, change the amount of borders that are needed.

All one tile designs of the same size but with different subjects, can be put together to form a picture to the size you require and framed with borders. The two main sizes of tiles are 15×15cms and 20×20cms and the borders are 7.5×15cms and 7.5×20cms.

When you calculate how many borders you need, never count the tiles because there are always more borders than tiles. Count the sides of the tiles that go round the outer edge of the picture.

The following has six photos so you can see and understand the problems easily.

The photos (a, b & c) have the same amount of tiles, that show the process of making wine. They are 12 tiles laid out in different ways –

a) The tiles are laid out in 4 lines of 3, which needs 14 borders and 4 corners.
b) The tiles are laid out in 2 lines of 6, which needs 16 borders and 4 corners.
c) The tiles are laid out in 1 line of 12, which needs 26 tiles and 4 borders.

The photos (d, e & f) have different sizes and shapes –

d) There are 6 tiles showing different occupations, laid out in two lines which need 10 borders and 4 corners.
e) This has 15 tiles, in 3 lines of 5, mixing designs with different subjects; occupations and flowers. It needs 16 borders and 4 corners.
f) The tiles form a square of 9 tiles which needs 12 borders and 4 corners and it shows white tiles mixed with decorated ones.

Note: If many tiles are needed you can buy white ones to mix with the decorated ones. It is always much better to buy them in the same place as the decorated ones, because the white of the base can be different. Those which are white and industrially made have a very hard and bright surface, the handmade ones have a softer cream color and mixing them spoils the effect of the picture when finished,

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