Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TILES – Decorated for private orders.

Tiles you can decorate with different methods for decorative or practical purposes . It can be a picture of your choice, numbers, names and repeated tiles that are modern or copies of antique designs. The great advantage of using tiles, if the finished work has been well installed, they can last forever,

Tiles can be framed like a picture or attached to a building. To do these installations correctly it is very important; you must make sure that no space is left between the back of the tile and the wall. If hit, a space will let the force beak it, both method are explained in the following sections of the dictionary; Tiles – attaching them to walls and framing tiles has 3 sections; Mounting, Framing tiles with wood and Framing large pictures.
The possibility for using hand decorated tiles is immense and here are links to the different sections in the dictionary so you can see some of them. Names and Notices. / Numbers. / Repeated tiles. / Tile – Antique. / Tiles – Reproduction of a design. / Borders on tiles. / Borders as a separate tile. / Majolica 12 private orders. ajolica 12 private orders

To have a special order you must send a photo or describe what you want, tell us the size it has to be and you must remember painting by hand is not a photos it is a free interpretation of an illustrative idea painted on to tiles. The following photos are to give you some idea of all the possibilities there are.